We offer a relaxing, safe, and clean HOME environment where every dog feels welcomed. We want to make sure that each pup has a fun experience and enjoys their stay with us. With a fantastic backyard set up as a dog park and a dedicated sleeping room, we have everything arranged so that your dog feels comfortable and right at home!

We offer trainer-supervised play time, walks, outings and plenty of individual attention!

Don’t hesitate to ask for a meet and greet! We would love to show you around and have your pup get more familiar with their new home away from home!



Here a Lucky Star, we take a holistic approach to training where we embrace it as a lifestyle change to lead a more harmonious life with our best friend. We believe that learning how to be fluent in “DOG” is the key to proper communication and achieving our desired goals. We offer a wide variety of tools to help us in this journey, and work with you and your dog as a team where respect and integrity goes both ways.

Whether its building a new foundation from the bottom up, correcting specific behaviors, or fine tuning what is already in place, we are here to help!

We offer either a 3 week BOARD & TRAIN program, or PRIVATE LESSONS that are tailored to fit both you and your dogs needs.

BOARD & TRAIN is fantastic if you don’t have time, are leaving on a trip, or doing home renovations! After only 3 weeks, you will have a fully trained dog that you can take with you anywhere. The work is done in a HOME setting so as to make the transition back to yours as smooth as possible. Your dog will also learn how to socialize politely with their friends, and will experience all the benefits of our standard boarding amenities.

At the end of all BOARD & TRAINS, you will have a full lesson to learn how to reinforce everything that has been taught. You will also receive a follow-up lesson to answer any questions and to make sure to stay on the right track.

PRIVATE LESSONS are great way to teach obedience and manners to your pup with your dedicated time. This option will help you bond with your dog in a balanced manner where you will be able to reinforce the learned skills. We will work at your rhythm and find a time that is convenient for you!

Both will address manners and behavior issues as well as follow a basic obedience program that includes:

  • HEEL (on and/or off-leash)

  • HEEL-SIT (when you stop, they sit)

  • SIT (with duration, distance and distractions)

  • DOWN (with duration, distance and distractions)

  • PLACE (designated area)



All of these will be practiced in different scenarios and everyday settings. 



We offer REMOTE COLLAR training to help you in this amazing experience!

A remote collar is a training tool which applies a stimulus to the dog. Used properly, a remote collar is no different than a leash. We first look on finding the lowest level that the dogs will notice, then work in balance with the collar and positive reinforcements to create a crystal clear picture of communication with your dog.

Imagine this wonderful communication tool as a walkie-talkie type device that will help you maintain control in any situation and keep your dog safe. The PEACE OF MIND is like no other and thus will give FREEDOM to your best friend!

If you have any doubts, feel free to contact us and ask any questions that you may have or check out our testimonial page. We would love to help you take on this new adventure!



Puppies are the cutest things in the world...until they eat the couch! In this class you will learn how to communicate effectively with your pup and get a good start to build a harmonious relationship.

In this Classe we will learn the basic obedience program as cited above as well as proper socializing with both humans and dogs. We will also address behavioral issues and learn how to prevent them.

(Up to 6 months)



With this tiny tool known as the “CLICKER”, Learn how to teach your (old) dog new TRICKS in no time! From the basics (“sit”, “down”, “leave it”) to more advanced tricks ( opening doors, rolling over or giving a high-five) both human and dog will have so much fun, plus it creates great bonding time and tires you pup out!

Clicker training is based on the theory of operant conditioning. This term was coined by B.F. Skinner, an American psychologist and behaviorist. Animals learn that their actions can control their environment. For example, they learn that ringing a bell gets the door to open. It is positive reinforcement based training, with treats used as the reward to help your dog learn basic obedience skills as well as fun tricks.

Trainers discovered that clicker training reduced the amount of time most dogs in the study needed in order to be trained by 33 percent!!! 



Come join our awesome pack of friends for a full day of fun! These TRAINER-SUPERVISED play days are here to help get all that extra energy out and have a blast! We enforce polite behavior and appropriate play so the everyone can enjoy a safe environment and goes home happy and ready for a nap!