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Ruby & Hazel
About a year ago we got a new Border Collie puppy. We’ve had one before and I guess we forgot how challenging puppies can be, especially high energy ones like ours. We lucked out because Jennifer just lives two doors down. We’d seen how healthy her business had gotten and seen her outside training all different kinds of dogs. So we went and visited with her and came up with a plan for puppy training and beyond. Our dog just turned one and she is so well behaved. She walks on or off a leash in the heel position. It’s great being able to open the front door and not worry that she’ll run out! And she does what she’s told. I could go on and on about all the things she’s learned. More importantly, Jennifer has also trained my family. There were several things that we weren’t doing right. Dog psychology really is a thing! Once you learn how a dog learns it’s much easier. And best of all- we have new friends. I highly recommend Lucky Star Dog Training⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
— Cleta E.
Jen is amazing. I took my 100 pound Great Pyrenees pup, Lucy, to her for an intensive three week training and the results were incredible. If you know Pyrenees, you know they are VERY stubborn. Prior to her training, Lucy couldn’t be off leash because her recall was terrible. We’d call her name and she’d just completely ignore us. We would take her to hike and swim but always had to keep her on her leash which was no fun for us or her! Now, we go hiking/swimming almost every weekend and Lucy gets to frolic freely like every happy pup wants to do. I’ve also referred a number of my friend’s pups to Jen and they’ve all had wonderful things to say as well!
Aside from that, we’ve continued to use Jen for boarding when we go out of town and Lucy absolutely adores her. She is literally so excited every time we pull up to “Aunt Jen’s” house.
I would highly recommend Lucky Star and Jen for either training or boarding!
— Sam R.
Hi everyone, I’ve known Jen, and boarded my three dogs, a senior Aussie, young Weimaraner, and young Aussie with her for quite a while. I cannot say enough wonderful things about her! They are so happy when we round the corner and we get to the curb for drop off, they can’t contain themselves. They know where they are going. I know they are in the BEST and happiest place possible, and I don’t worry while I’m away. Right now she has my young Weimaraner for three weeks of training, this is not something I would have entrusted to just anyone. THANK YOU JEN!
— Jennifer K.
We have used Jen for multiple trainings and for doggie day care. All of our experiences have had exceptionally wonderful results! Our dog is trained and will listen to us, keeping her safe. And she sleeps SO well after playing her heart out with her friends at Jen’s doggie day care! Highly recommend!
— Debbie & Bill B.
Jen is amazing. She, not only trained our 100+ lb. rescued Rottie, she trained my husband too! That alone speaks for itself. My dogs love Jen and they get all excited just to walk by her house, Are those fun-loving memories she created with our dogs? Who knows, but we sure do appreciate how she helped our family.
— Betsy H.
Jennifer has trained these two plus one collie before and she is just amazing. She does have a sixth sense about dogs and can read their behavior instinctively. We love to have our ‘girls’ play but they thanks to Jennifer they are always under voice command and extraordinarily well disciplined. Jennifer also cares for our dogs when we travel. They love being with her so much that all we have to do is say “let’s go see Jennifer “ and they head for the door and jump into the car. We know they are in good hands and we get periodic photo updates. We can’t say enough about Jennifer and her ability to train dogs and how comfortable we are when our “girls” are with her. We highly recommended her.
— Mike & Donna H.
Jenn is the real deal. She’s fluent in the language of dog and knows how to get yours trained. We worked with her on training our puppy Opal who successfully learned all the basic commands and how to walk on a leash without pulling. Jenn also gave us a good understanding of how our dog thinks.

Now we go to Jenn’s doggie day camp and Opal LOVES it. She starts freaking out in the car once she knows we are on the way and cannot get in fast enough. I also love when she sends pictures of Opal having fun at camp! I highly recommend Jenn for your dog training/day camp/boarding needs.
— Tammy L.
Lucky Star Dog Training / Jennifer Higgins is an outstanding animal trainer. She has done an amazing job with our Boston Terrier and it has made the bond with our pet even stronger than we believed possible. Jennifer is brilliant at solving problems and educates the owners on how to approach their animals learning. This allows for better communication between you and your pet.

Her boarding services are also a godsend. Our dog loves going there and gets valuable socialization with her pack. Jennifer is in constant supervision of her visitors and loves each and every dog as if her own.
— Travis M.
Jennifer came highly recommended to me by several fellow residents when I desperately needed help with a foster Shepard that had aggression and other behavioral issues. Thank God I took their advice. I cannot speak highly enough about Jennifer as a person, let alone her ability to read, understand, and communicate with an animal. It’s truly a God given gift. I gave her virtually zero information about this dog, yet She spotted several things within two minutes of meeting the dog that were scary accurate. I left him with her for 3 weeks and picked up a totally different dog. Unbelievable! Her ability (and patience) to train me how to reinforce it all may have been her hardest part :) With Jennifer’s help I actually ended up adopting the Shepard and he is the best dog I’ve ever had. He goes EVERYWHERE with me and is happy, balanced, confident and obedient. I know I have a leash, somewhere... haven’t used it in so long I can’t remember where it is. Just thought the Neihbor hood should know. THANK YOU AGAIN!!
— Aaron N.
Jenn is amazing! Our dog Izzy absolutely loves her and we love knowing that Izzy is happy and safe when we’re away. We have been happy customers for over 5 years and wouldn’t even consider leaving our dog with anyone else.
— Ami C.
Jennifer has been boarding our dog, Domino, for years, and she is wonderful with her. Our dog is on the anxious side, but when we drive up to Jennifer’s house, she starts to jump up and down with excitement, and when it’s time to pick her up, she doesn’t seem to want to leave. She loves it there so much! When we leave Domino with her, we know that she’s in good hands, and Jennifer sends picture and video updates, which we really appreciate. When at Jennifer’s, Domino also gets important experience socializing with other well-trained doggies, which she doesn’t get at home.

Jennifer’s pet expertise even extends to cats! She has helped us out by coming to our home to take care of our three cats when we’re been out of town. We are so grateful to have found such an exceptional person whom we can trust and who goes above and beyond with our pets.
— Jon & Taylor F.
I toured a few places in search of the best fit when I needed to board my 2 small, active dogs. I was disappointed to learn many facilities charge extra for activities like extended walks or extra play time. I couldn’t imagine them stuck in their assigned crate or room within earshot of other dogs who had the “luxury” of what most dogs need daily: lots of outdoor time to play, socialize, and exercise. A tired dog is a happy dog at the end of the day! I also wasn’t comfortable having them sleep somewhere without a caretaker nearby, especially because I recently adopted one of the dogs and he was still adjusting.
After being underwhelmed with the places I visited, I decided to look for a home-like environment with someone trained in animal behavior. Building trust was also important to me, so I wanted them to be around the same person every day rather than random strangers who showed up according to their posted shifts.
After touring Jenn’s canine playground and boarding area at Lucky Star Dog Training, I knew hers was the place. There’s ample playspace for them to safely enjoy themselves and I was able to bring some of their comfort items for their sleepovers. While I was away, she sent updates and photos to let me know how things were going.
Now that I’m moving out of state, I’ll have to find a different canine caregiver, which won’t be easy. Jenn’s knowledge and approach to dogs set the bar high!
— Angel L.
Waiting three weeks to get our girl back from training was so worth the wait. Our 8 month old lab mix rescue was big and getting bigger and we are old and getting older. We knew in order for her to be managed and to get enough exercise, we would have to have her trained for off leash walks and trust that she would respond to our commands. Jennifer did such a great job of keeping us in the loop during the three weeks and getting us prepared for continuing the work she started.

The day after we picked her up, I took her for a 3 mile walk around our neighborhood practicing all her commands. Compared to the puppy I had walked before training, she was now a dream come true. If she had any trouble, she was quick and easy to get back on track. I cracked up when we got back to the park and I gave her freedom. She literally jumped up in the air and tried to turn around mid air. After three of those, she darted back and forth with a huge smile on her face. There was no other way to read it but that she was so proud and confident that she really was the good girl she is constantly told that she is. I’m a true believer that dogs want to earn their praise and they depend on us to give them those opportunities. It has been three weeks since training and she is still giddy after our long working walks.

Thank you, Jennifer, for taking a crazy girl and making her a responsible teenager.
— Kim H.